Parlando (FE2117)

Parlando (FE2117)
Disease resistance:
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Parlando is a mid-early June bearer, fromFresh Forward's high-chill substrate breeding programme. The variety is suitable for early substrate cultivation, for a planting period from the end of December until the end of April. The variety stands out duet o its outstanding and consistent fruit quility with a high yield and high disease.

Plant and growth habit
Parlando has an open structure and vigorous growth. The plant structure is upright, so the flower are easily separated from the leaves. The leaves are a distinctive dark green. Parlando has long flower trusses, a unique characteristic of its plant architecture. The first flower trusses have 9-11 fruits per stalk, while the following flower trusses are lighter with 6-7 fruits per flower stalk. Parlando produces relatively small flowers but they consistently grow into beautiful, large fruits

The first experiences with Parlando show the following variety specific characteristics:

  • The number of chill hours required by Parlando is lower than the number required by Sonata.
  • The high evaporation rate of Parlando means a separate watering and climate strategy is advised to prevent drought stress.

Harvest pattern
Parlando is a mid-early variety, a few days later than M. Centenary. Compared to M. Centenary, Parlando’s production starts slower, but lasts longer (figure 1). The good spread of the flowers ensures a longer harvest window, the same fruit size and a high yield.

Fruit quality
The fruits are long and conical with an intense red colour. Parlando distinguishes from other varieties due to its outstanding setting during the entire cultivation cycle, ensuring a high percentage of class 1 fruits. The taste profile is a good balance of sweet and sour, combined with an aromatic strawberry fragrance. Parlando fits within the flavour profile of Elsanta perfectly. Parlando is a firm strawberry so it is suitable for long distribution channels.

Disease resistance
Parlando has a high resistance to both crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum) and powdery mildew. In practice these diseases do not form a problem, when pre-emptively treated during propagation and cultivation.

Outdoor cultivation
The Parlando variety was first trialled in outdoor cultivation in 2022. Initial results were positive. The variety appears to perform better in fresh soil. Parlando’s distinct characteristics also distinguish the variety in outdoor cultivation: because of the open plant type and outstanding fruit quality. Parlando can be positioned as a variety for early outdoor cultivation, in tunnels or open fields. Prolonged periods of heat can cause sunburn due to the open plant structure and the longer flower trusses.


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