Asparagus Plants

Are you looking for healthy and vigorous plants, uniform plants sorted by size, which are correctly supplied as agreed? In that case, De Kemp is the right partner for you. Let our plants convince you!

De Kemp specialises in the propagation and cultivation of asparagus plants and strawberry plants. All our plants are grown in the Netherlands and are inspected by NAK Tuinbouw. These inspections by NAK form the basis when it comes to origin, varietal purity and health. But we go even further here:

Health: we raise our asparagus plants on plots that comply with the highest possible demands. All the plots are tested a year in advance for the presence of Fusarium oxysporum, nematodes, and the fertilization status of the soil is analysed. The physical properties of the plot are also identified. To prepare the soil, green manures or other suitable preceding crops are grown, combined if necessary with a liquid soil disinfection treatment. All this lays the foundations for a healthy plant.

Vigour: during cultivation, the plants must lack for nothing. That also applies during the process of lifting, up to and including the delivery. In addition to exacting cultivation management, we also provide closed cold chains, fast processing and correct delivery of the plants. This contributes to rapid and strong initial growth after planting.

Uniformity: through proper instruction and supervision of our qualified staff, we ensure a tight and uniform grading of our plants. In the process, we lay the foundation for a uniform batch of plants. The plants are graded for characteristics including weight, number of roots and the number of shoots.

Productivity: by providing advanced fertilisation and registering growth parameters combined with information obtained from our own research, we grow plants for you with a high production potential that will already give high yields in the first year following planting.