Strawberry plants

Are you looking for healthy and vigorous plants, plants sorted by size, which are correctly supplied as agreed? In that case, De Kemp is the right partner for you. Experience the difference and let our plants convince you!

De Kemp specializes in the propagation and cultivation of all types of strawberry plants. Four core values are very import for de Kemp BV. 

Health: we grow our own PB plants (highest class in the Elite system) and in addition, cultivate BM1 plants on a large scale in aphid-free greenhouses. Because of this we have long been able to propagate healthy strawberry plants.


Vigour: during cultivation, the plants must lack for nothing. That also applies during the process of lifting, up to and including the delivery. In addition to exacting cultivation management, we also provide closed cold chains, fast processing and correct storage of the plants.

Uniformity: through proper instruction and supervision of our qualified staff, we ensure a tight and uniform grading of our plants. In the process, we lay the foundation for a uniform batch of plants. In order to grow consistent production plants, you also have to use uniform plant material.

Productivity: by providing advanced fertilization and registering growth parameters combined with information obtained from our own flower research, we grow plants for you with a high production potential and the desired production distribution throughout the season.