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Lambada, the pleasure of taste. Lambada is well known because of its excellent taste. The fruits are big, exceptional sweet and have a nice appearance. This is why Lambada is
very suitable for pastry cooks and gastronomic kitchens. 
Characteristics of Lambada
• Great taste
• Early variety
• Nice, bright red fruits
Fruit quality
Lambada’s fruits are shiny red, and on the inside they are light red. The gloss gradually disappears after the fruit has been harvested. Lambada has a good fruit set. The fruits are
big, somewhat conical and very uniform in size and shape. Lambada scores lower in the area of firmness: the fruits are less firm and thus vulnerable; damage due to pressure is
almost immediately visible. Carefully picking is necessary. The plant produces few deformed fruits. Lambada is characterised by its sweet, juicy flavour, its pleasant strawberry aroma, high Brix value ( 10), with a flavour that is clearly better than that of the other varieties.
Flowering and harvest periods
Lambada is characterised by the large flowers and well developed stamens. It has sturdy flower stalks with quality pollen and a nearly perfect setting. The average fruit weight is
comparable to that of Darselect. The berries ripen fast, clearly before those of Elsanta. Grown under plastic, Lambada does very well when started early. 
Lambada’s productivity is moderate to fair, with a high percentage of first quality fruit. The production is limited because Lambada produces only a limited number of flower stems. However, the plant does thrive well when planted densely, making it possible to achieve a high production per surface area. The first fruits are very big, sometimes forming a hollow space inside. The shelf life of this variety’s fruit is limited.

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