Malling Allure

Malling Allure
Disease resistance:
Shelf life:

Malling™ Allure is a late June-bearing variety that yields attractive, large fruits of outstanding quality. The NIAB EMR characterises this new strawberry variety as a ‘late Malling Centenary-type’ June-bearer. A promising variety that offers new opportunities for the late season.

Plant characteristics

Malling™ Allure is a robust, vigorous plant with an upright habit. The fruit is well presented to the picker. Malling™ Allure has moderate susceptibility to crown rot (Phytothphora cactorum) and wilt (Verticillium dahliae). It has good resistance to powdery mildew (Podosphaera aphanis).

Fruit quality

Malling™ Allure has excellent fruit quality characteristics. The Malling™ Allure stands out thanks to its attractive, conical shape berries. The berries have a pleasing orange-red colour, with excellent firmness. The good shelf life is certainly an added bonus of Malling™ Allure, and considerably expands the marketing options so late in the season.

With an average yield of 990 grams per plant (following trials at NIAB-EMR) Malling™ Allure offers excellent yield potential. This variety has good sized fruits. 68% of the berries are larger than 35mm. The percentage of class-1-fruits is even higher; 91%.


The firm fruits of the Malling™ Allure have an excellent shelf-life, making this new variety suitable for farm-gate sales and retail sales. The Malling™ Allure is a great addition to the late season crop!

10-12 days later than Elsanta.
Continuous production of well-formed and firm strawberries.
High production with a fruit average of 990 grams per misted tip plant.
68% Class-1 Strawberries.
Susceptible to Phytophthora and a lesser extent to mildew.
Very good shelf life.

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